Implus Sofsole Sneaker Balls 1-pack

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Eliminate foot odors and other odor-causing bacteria with Sof Sole Sneaker Balls Matrix Shoe Fresheners. These compact fresheners are created to reach and absorb odors in dark, inaccessible places where traditional fresheners are ineffective. An integral part of foot care, these balls are equipped with a quick-twist action that enables vents to release a specially formulated fresh and clean scent. Ensure the longevity of the sneaker balls by closing the vents when not in use. The freshness lasts up to six months, is suitable for all shoe sizes from kids to adults, and is remarkably effective against odors in sports shoes, everyday footwear, gym, and gear bags.

  • Compact and Potent - Ideal for Shoes, Gym Bags, and Lockers
  • Designed for Challenging Odor Elimination Tasks in Tight, Dark Spots
  • Quick-Twist Functionality for Easy Release or Preservation of the Fresh Scent
  • Universal Fit for All Shoe Sizes, Kids to Adults
  • Effective in Targeting Odors in Athletic Shoes, Regular Footwear, and Gear Bags
  • Each Deodorizer Ball Has a Diameter of 1.5"
  • Fresh Clean Scent Lasts up to Six Months

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