Implus Yaktrax Pro Series Shoe Traction Device

Item# SP530


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When winter brings icy trails, trust the Yaktrax Pro Black Traction Device to keep you moving with confidence. These pro traction cleats are designed to fit your shoes seamlessly and remove the risk factor associated with walking, jogging, or hiking on packed snow or ice. Crafted from heavy-duty natural rubber and abrasion-resistant 1.4 mm steel coils, these cleats furnish 360-degree stability and traction, letting you move freely without hesitation. With the potential to withstand temperatures as low as -41 degrees F, the Yaktrax Pro Black is your trusted ally for those colder hikes.

  • Designed to Fit Over Shoes for Safer Movement During Hiking, Jogging, or Walking on Packed Snow or Ice
  • Constructed from Tough 1.4 mm Stainless-Steel Coils and Heavy-Duty Rubber for Longevity
  • Provides 360-degree Grip on Icy Winter Terrains for Multi-Direction Stability
  • Equipped with a Durable Rubber Foot Frame and a Removable Over-Foot Strap for Superior Fit
  • Proven Durability in Temperatures as Low as -41 Degrees F
  • Weight: 0.4 Lbs
  • Suitable for Women's Shoe Size 6.5-10 and Men's Size 5-8.5

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