Belleville AMRAP: Embrace the RUCK


It's been 116 years since Belleville businessmen started their journey, by manufacturing 50 to 75 pairs of boots a day from a small facility based out of the Company's Namesake in Illinois. In a way it feels like Military Footwear has progressed quite a bit in that time, while also maintaining the same standard. I think we can all agree that while there are products on the market that service a basic need, the industry was in need of a jolt! Belleville heard you, and is proud to present the Belleville AMRAP - AS MANY REPS AS POSSIBLE

"The AMRAP was designed to take you from the training grounds to the proving grounds, bigger & better."


So what makes this boot different? 

The construction of the AMRAP was carefully crafted to ensure that you are able to maximize your training. What Belleville means by that, is the revolutionary energy-return soles that were sculpted to cushion your foot and return the energy of motion right back to you, opposed to trekking through patrol, rucks, or PT feeling every stride as it slowly wears down your body's endurance. The goal is to achieve 'AS MANY REPS AS POSSIBLE'.



What do you mean 'AS MANY REPS AS POSSIBLE'? 

The priority is to secure your foot's ability to maintain your workout without the wear and tear that so many are accustomed to, after a rigorous workout. The Athletic Strobel construction of the AMRAP built on a 100% rubber "PT" outsole was designed to give you the performance of an athletic shoe, coupled with the durability and dexterity that you've come to rely on from a Belleville boot.

You will gain the ability to push yourself farther, harder, and faster over time with footwear that was designed to soften the blow your foot takes with every stride and returning that energy directly back to you. Allowing you to get that extra mile, make it up the hill, or even to add a few lbs to your Ruck. We can't stress this enough, this boot was made to push your limits and to achieve AS MANY REPS AS POSSIBLE.




The Construction 

As stated above, the height is 8" to conform to military standards. It was imperative to make sure that this boot was not only a revolutionary training boot but also maintained AR 670-1 & AFI 36-2903 compliance. The upper is crafted from 100% cattlehide leather and nylon fabric. The midsole has an expanded TPU, designed to heighten your resiliency and rebound quicker than before. We could go on for days about the meticulous attention to detail put into the construction of this fabulous piece of footwear, but the sole of the boot is where this product shines. The Outsole is constructed of 100% rubber, made for PT. The insole has a removable-moded EVA. 

This affords the boot to absorb your pattern of movement, and rather than disperse that energy as brute force into the ground, this boot cushions each blow and cycles that energy right back to you. Imagine being able to push yourself farther without the prospect of killing your ankles on the same level you've grown to accept. That's what the AMRAP offers. As Many Reps As Possible.






Discover for yourself the ability to push yourself farther and faster with the boot designed to revolutionize your training.