Rothco G.I. Type Inspection Ready Maroon Beret

Item# HW1703



Achieve the perfect fit with the Rothco G.I. Type Inspection Ready Maroon Beret, designed to offer comfort and durability in one sleek package. This beret, made from a lightweight blend of 95% wool and 5% nylon, maximizes comfort for service personnel and everyday wear. This inspection-ready beret saves you time and effort as it comes pre-shaved and ready for immediate use. The addition of a leather trim aids in preventing fraying, ensuring long-lasting wear. Furthermore, an interior badge stay is included for easy flash attachment (Flash not included), allowing customization that meets your specifications.

  • Crafted from A Lightweight Blend of 95% Wool and 5% Nylon
  • Offers a Comfortable Fit for Service Personnel or Everyday Wear
  • Pre-Shaved and Inspection-Ready for Convenience
  • Genuine Leather Trim Prevents Fraying
  • Internal Badge Stay for Convenient Flash Attachment (Flash Not Included)

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