Thyrm VariArc Helmet Mount

Item# TE2435



Designed with input from SWAT-team leaders and active-duty special operations soldiers, the Thyrm VariArc Helmet Mount provides a full-featured lighting solution. This tactical helmet mount positively locks in the forward index position to keep your tac light aligned for critical use. With a firm twist, this mount can unlock and rotate in 8 different positions, providing you with 360 degrees of lighting. It’s also compatible with standard dovetail-style helmet rails as well as 1913 picatinny rails and will remain fully functional through extreme temperatures, water, dirt, dust, drops on concrete and rough handling.

  • Positively locks in the forward index position
  • Directs light through 360 degrees, with 8 additional lower-force positions
  • Works in vertical positions for umbrella lighting rooms, canopy illumination and IR strobe signaling
  • Can be used in downward angles for admin and task lighting
  • Picatinny Accessory Rail with 3 slots and 4 ridges
  • 1913 picatinny rail compatible
  • Retention holes on both ends for dummy wiring critical gear
  • Mounts on standard dovetail-style helmet rails
  • Durable, reinforced polymer construction with steel hardware
  • Designed and made in the USA

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