5.11 Tactical Thumbdrive Thigh Rig 50029, , hi-res


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5.11 Tactical Thumbdrive Thigh Rig 50029

Item #: 50029-019-1SZ

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You already know just how effective 5.11’s Tactical Thumbdrive Holster is—now take it to new heights. For customized positioning of your supported Level II holster, utilize the innovative 5.11 Tactical Thumbdrive Thigh Rig (Black). This rugged accessory is made from the toughest materials, such as the ballistic rubber-threaded nylon straps. It’s designed to allow thigh-based positioning of your Thumbdrive Holster, making for eased access when your duty belt is packed or while wearing body armor.

Tension straps ensure a firm hold that won’t flap or wobble around during movement, and a rapid-detach system allows for quick release when necessary. The clips on this Thigh Rig are high-impact for durability you can trust, and the integral swivel clip ensures you’re able to bend and turn uninhibited.

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  • Made specifically to be used with the 5.11 Thumbdrive Level II Holster
  • Completely adjustable to ensure a perfect fit
  • Quick-detach system makes rapid removal a cinch
  • High-impact fastener clips and rubberized threading enhance durability
  • Swivel clip is integrated to ensure freedom of movement
  • Available exclusively in black

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