5ive Star Gear Coalition Desert Shemagh

Item# HW1103

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The shemagh is a traditional head-wear that protects the user from the heat and sand of the desert. Tru Spec has created a shemagh that is perfect for military use. The Tru Spec Shemagh Desert Scarf is made entirely of cotton and is durable for use during active duty. It has been used by the military in desert environments across the entire globe. The cotton weave is soft and breathable, allowing for a very comfortable wear. Tru Spec's shemagh is full sized, measuring 42 inches by 42 inches. It can also be used as a survival tool in emergency situations. It is lightweight and easy to carry with you, which makes it perfect to always have on hand. It is very easy to include in your bug out bag. The shemagh is available in numerous different colors.

  • 100% cotton weave
  • 42 inches by 42 inches
  • Soft and breathable
  • Provides protection from sand and heat
  • Also acts as a survival tool

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