Agilite Warfighter Plate Carrier Cummerbund

Item# BP4555Mfg# 8046

$103.50 to $112.50MSRP: $115.00 to $125.00


The Agilite Warfighter Plate Carrier Cummerbund sets a new standard in semi-rigid plate carrier cummerbunds. Designed in collaboration with Israeli and U.S. Special Forces, it solves all the issues regarding comfort and functionality with load-bearing cummerbunds. Unlike most stretch cummerbunds that sag under the weight of heavy equipment, the Warfighter cummerbund is semi-stiffened to support heavy loads and maintains form even under immense weight. Its highly customizable design allows a quick and easy switch between velcro flaps, quick-release buckles, or FirstSpear Tubes on both sides. The Warfighter cummerbund sports a complete three rows of MOLLE, providing maximum mounting options internally and externally while maintaining a lightweight, skeletal design for maximum airflow.

  • Semi-Stiffened for Heavy Load Support
  • Compatible with Any Plate Carrier with Hook and Loop Surfaces
  • Quick and Easy Switch between Velcro Flaps, Quick Release Buckles, or FirstSpear Tubes
  • Three Rows of MOLLE for Maximum Mounting Options
  • Lightweight, Skeletal Design for Maximum Airflow
  • Compatible with Agilite Flank™Hard Side Armor Carriers
  • Materials: Laser-Cut Velcro Overlay Panels, Laser-Cut Squadron Laminate, 500D CORDURA Mil-Spec Tactical Nylon, and CURV Thermoplastic Composite Material
  • Sizing:
    • M: 7 columns, 30" - 40"
    • L: 9 columns, 40" - 50"
    • XL: 11 columns, 50" - 62"

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