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As you are putting your gear together, there are some items that are absolutely necessary but may not come first to your mind. There's no doubt that LE ID pouches are not going to be the sexiest things on your equipment list. However, they are one item that is generally needed. Military and law enforcement personnel have to carry identification, and this identification needs to be readily accessible. That's where these pouches come in. They give you a place to store your identification and any other necessary papers in a place that's visible and easy to get to so they can be removed as necessary. Security is obviously an important factor and these pouches make it easier to ensure that only approved personnel can enter restricted areas. Pouches and military ID wallets keep your documents dry and secure. If visibility is needed, you can find options that hang around your neck with the important information immediately visible. In other cases, you may need something that has several compartments so you can carry all your IDs, credit cards, and other personal items easily. Whatever your needs, we've got pouches and wallets that fit the bill. There are varying choices in size as well as how they are carried such as lanyards, armbands, or wallet-style.

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