Blackhawk Speed Clips Six Pack #5

Item# TE675



Blackhawk speed clips #5 are made of a contemporary carbon-fiber polymer material that is tough, elastic and resilient. These clips were developed to rapidly mount or detach pouches onto your essential field gear swiftly and effectively, so you do not have to worry about hastily rearranging your kit to fit more comfortably on your person. These speed clips make your job so much easier. Even if you are actively engaged in combat, they have been proven to be dependable and safe.

Blackhawk Speed Clips #5 are easy-to-use. First, you will need to align the webbing on the pouch with the spaces on the platform. The speed clips will simply slide underneath the webbing on the platform. You just need to make sure to weave interchangeably between the pouch and platform to ensure the best fit. The tab will finally be secured onto your speed clips through the last portion of webbing. With this, you are ready to go.

  • Six in a package
  • Unable to rust
  • Comes with accessory lanyard holes
  • Can be used with additional accessories
  • Lengths include 9", 7", 5" and 3" to work with a number of different sized pouches
  • Patent pending

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