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When you’re in an emergency situation, far from any hospital or healthcare facility, you want access to professional-grade medical equipment that you can count on to get the job done. That’s precisely the kind of medical equipment that Adventure Medical Kits provides. Whether you need a lightweight, easy-to-carry first aid kit stocked with the basics, or an all-encompassing medical pack that includes the basic supplies you’ll need and then some (tools for monitoring patient vitals, delivering injections, cleaning wounds, and more), then Adventure Medical Kits is well worth your investment. An authority in wilderness medicine and survival techniques, Adventure Medical Kits offers tactical medical kits and trauma pack options for high-stakes professional operations and recreational pursuits. Get yours today.

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  • Altama Foxhound SR 8" Boots

  • Altama Maritime Assault Mid Boots

    $90.00 - $95.00
  • Altama Urban Assault Mid Boots

  • Altama Aboottabad Trail Runner Tactical Mid Waterproof Boots

  • Altama Vengeance SR 8" Side Zip Boots

  • Altama Dress Oxford Brown Leather Shoes

  • Altama Aboottabad Trail Shoes (Low)

  • Altama Urban Assault Low

  • Altama Maritime Assault Low Shoes

    $85.00 - $91.99
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