Founded in 1993 and headquartered in Virginia, Blackhawk Products Group is a major provider of tactical, military, and law enforcement equipment. All Blackhawk tactical gear is proudly made in the USA, with manufacturing facilities in Idaho, Montana, and North Carolina. We offer a wide variety of different Blackhawk clothing products, including footwear, gloves, headwear, jackets, shirts, tactical pants, and underclothing. If yousupplying this kind of top notch footwear to uniformed personnel. While starting solely as a dress footwear manufacturer, in the 1960s Bates took the opportunity to begin supplying dress shoes to the US Navy. This spectacular success has spurred a decadems act as tools that can be used on the job and which are constructed to be long-lasting and durable. Gift-giving is an easy event when it comes to tactical gifts. These items are ideal solutions for giving someone something that will not only last but will also be something that they treasure having in the line of duty.

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  • Blackhawk Desert Ops Boots

  • Blackhawk Stingray 3-Day Pack

  • Blackhawk Advanced Tactical Elbow Pads V.2

  • Blackhawk Universal Tactical 2 Point Sling

  • Blackhawk Hard Push Button Sling Swivel

  • Blackhawk Tactical Shemagh

  • Blackhawk Alice Clips

  • Blackhawk STRIKE Small Radio / GPS Pouch

  • Blackhawk Padded Patrol Belt

    $34.00 - $36.00
  • Blackhawk CRG1 Cut Resistant Patrol Gloves w/Kevlar

  • Blackhawk STRIKE Small Radio/GPS Pouch

  • Blackhawk Compact Medical Pouch

    $31.31 - $35.79
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