Edge Tactical Eyewear

Celebrated the world over for their high-quality, superior construction, Edge Tactical Eyewear offers advanced protection against UVA/UVB/UVC rays, safeguarding wearer vision while simultaneously meeting the rigorous military ballistic standards for eyewear. With flexible frames, anti-fog coating, scratch-resistant lenses, and other unique features, these affordable tactical glasses are engineered for use in difficult, sometimes unforgiving work environments, as well as other similarly harsh conditions. From the sleek, simple Edge Tactical Blade Runner, to the orange-tinted Dragon Fire Safety Glasses, there are plenty of unique design options available through Edge Tactical Eyewear, many of which could suit your particular set of needs. For comfortable, lightweight frames that can withstand the rough-and-tumble work that youent when it comes to tactical gifts. These items are ideal solutions for giving someone something that will not only last but will also be something that they treasure having in the line of duty.

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  • Edge Tactical Eyewear Blade Runner Matte Black With Clear Lens Glasses

  • Edge Tactical Eyewear Super 64 Low Profile Goggles

  • Edge Tactical Eyewear Sunglass Leash with Neoprene Strap

  • Edge Tactical Eyewear Hamel Matte Black with Clear Lens

  • Edge Tactical Eyewear Acid Gambit Safety Glasses Antifog Clear lens

  • Edge Tactical Eyewear Fastlink Safety Glasses

  • Edge Tactical Eyewear Hamel Thin Temple Sunglasses

  • Edge Tactical Eyewear Phantom Rescue 2 Lens Sunglasses Kit

  • Edge Eyewear Overlord Ballistic 4 Lens Kit H0611

  • Edge Tactical Eyewear Dragon Fire Safety Glasses

  • Edge Tactical Eyewear Acid Gambit Matte Black with G-15 Lens

  • Edge Eyewear Blizzard Goggles Vapor Shield

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