Once you?ve made an investment in your firearms, you want to protect it by maintaining its value. Keeping it clean is an important part of taking care of your weapon. Hoppes weapon cleaners have been designed to meet the extraordinary demands of your position whether you?re on duty or just practicing on the shooting range. The time you spend cleaning your weapon is just as important to your experience as the time you spend shooting your firearm. Hoppes weapon cleaners have been manufactured with the most pure ingredients so that you can depend on your firearm every time you need it. We stock a variety of brushes that custom fit your weapon for the most effective cleaning. When you pay meticulous attention to your weapon, it?s vital you have the right equipment so that you can rely on your weapon in any situation. High quality, performance-driven products deserve the best cleaners that remove the powder and lead that corrode your weapon. Lubricating oils should not leave residue that gums up, and they should not expire over time. Protect your valuable investment, whether it?s on display or for everyday use. Hoppes weapon cleaners were designed with your needs in mind so you that have the confidence your weapon works every time you need it.

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  • Hoppes Slotted End Tip For .22 Caliber

  • Hoppes .30 Caliber Phosphor Bronze Brush

  • Hoppes Adapter .17 - .22 Caliber End Card

  • Hoppes Gun Cleaning Knob End For .22 Caliber

  • Hoppes All Gauge Shotgun Cleaning Rod Kit

  • Hoppes 60 Pack .22-.270 Cleaning Patch

  • Hoppes .22-.225 Caliber Rifle Cleaning Kit Box

  • Hoppes .270 Caliber Nylon Brush

  • Hoppes Brush 12 Gauge Card

  • Hoppes Bench Rest 9 Copper Remover

  • Hoppes Cleaning Patch .38-.45 40 Pack

  • Hoppes .243 .25 Caliber Rifle Phosphor Bronze Brush

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