You’ve made an investment in your firearms, and it’s important to protect them by maintaining their value. Cleaning your weapon is one of the most important pieces of gun maintenance, and Hoppe’s has been helping gun owners keep their guns cleaner for well over a century. With Hoppe’s gun cleaning kit, you’ll find everything you need to keep your weapon in peak performance. Hoppe’s specialty products include swabs and brushes to clean the nooks and crannies of all kinds of guns. Protect your investment by using Hoppe’s elite gun cleaning products, and remember—a clean gun is a safe gun.

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  • Hoppes Slotted End Tip For .22 Caliber

  • Hoppes Bore Light

  • Hoppes .22 .270 Caliber Swab

  • Hoppes Shotgun Cleaning Kit For All Gauges

  • Hoppes Cleaning Patch .22-.270 500 Pack

  • Hoppes Cleaning Patch .38-.45 40 Pack

  • Hoppes Adapter .17 - .22 Caliber End Card

  • Hoppes All Gauge Shotgun Cleaning Rod Kit

  • Hoppes 60 Pack .22-.270 Cleaning Patch

  • Hoppes 16-Gauge/12-Guage Slotted End Conversion Adapter

  • Hoppes .22 Caliber Phosphor Bronze Brush

  • Hoppes Cleaning Patch .270-.35 50 Pack

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