Mace is so well known, it has become truly synonymous with pepper spray, their flagship product. As one of the premier solutions for personal safety, as well as situations which call for non-lethal force, Mace pepper spray is known worldwide for its effectiveness and reliable performance. Mace pocket pepperguard sprays are perfect for those who want greater personal safety without the need to carry a weapon. Mace defense spray is made available in a variety of different styles, including units made for attachment to key rings or other such points which allow quick access. Pepper gel is available for optimal use in windy areas, where blowback can potentially cause problems for sprays.

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  • Mace Triple Action Spray Police Model

  • Mace Police Model Triple Action Defense Spray

  • Mace Pocket Model Spray 80353

  • Mace Pocket Model Peppergard Spray

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