Safety and performance are two key aspects of effective military gear. For this reason, assorted personnel rely on Massif military clothing when seeking those items essential to remaining protected in the field. All of the products are designed with military professionals in mind, which is essential for conforming to the often rigorous standards of professional military gear. We offer a wide selection of clothing, all of which is field tested by those well-versed in meeting military requirements. This includes items like combat shirts, uniform jackets, and accompanying accessories. Additionally, we also carry numerous items constructed from high-grade flame-resistant materials. While flame-resistant clothing is a common part of most military essentials, many of these items often lack comfort and durability. That?s why the gear is made from materials that can offer both unbeatable performance and resilience, in addition to its flame-resistant properties. Accordingly, military professionals know they can count on the Massif product line to capably meet those urgent needs when out in the field of battle. When in search of safe and effective military gear, Massif provides a wide range of choices suited to numerous personnel. The products combine top performance capabilities with the protection necessary for ensuring the safety of those brave service men and women who put their lives on the line every day. As a result, these products are highly valued among military members seeking the gear of the utmost caliber.

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  • Massif Elements™ NAVAIR Jacket (Coyote Tan)

    $569.99 - $579.99
  • Massif Elements™ OCP IWOL Jacket with Battleshield X® Fabric

  • Massif Elements IWOL™ Pants with Battleshield X® Fabric (FR)

  • Massif 2-Piece Women's Flight Suit Jacket - NAVAIR

  • Massif Men's 2-Piece OCP Military Flight Suit Jacket

  • Massif 2-Piece Flight Suit Jacket - NAVAIR

  • Massif Elements™ NAVAIR Pants

  • Massif Cool Knit® Skullcap FR (Coyote Tan)

  • Massif Fire Resistant Army Combat Shirt ACS

    $179.99 - $199.99
  • Massif Elements™ CWAS Pants with Battleshield X® Fabric (FR)

  • Elements™ CWAS Jacket CWAS with Battleshield X® Fabric (FR)

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