Montague Bikes creates a foldable, portable bicycle for nearly every purposeiers of military, veteran, patriotic, and first responder decals, flags, bumper stickers, auto tags, tag frames, and drinkware. Officially licensed, Mitchell Proffitt makes products for service members, veterans, and American patriots. Show your support for the military and the country with Mitchell Proffitt. Mitchell Proffitt stickers, flags, and blankets make great gifts and personal collection items.

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  • Montague Paratrooper Pro MTB Bike

  • Montague Crosstown Foldable Bike

  • Montague Paratrooper Express Bike

  • Montague Navigator Foldable Bike

  • Montague Urban Folding Bike with RackStand

  • Montague Paratrooper Highline Bike

  • Montague Boston Folding Bike

  • Montague Paratrooper Elite Folding Bike

  • Montague Allston Folding Bike

  • Montague FIT Foldable Bike

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