Smith Optics

Smith Optics got its start when self-proclaimed ski bum, Dr. Bob Smith developed the first thermal lens and breathable vent foam for his ski googles. He began selling them out of his garage and van. From there the product line grew to include even more specialized Smith Optics goggles and Smith Optics eyeshields all of which include some of the worldcaused by footwear binding and the natural swelling of your feet, and they also offer ergonomic expansion, which reduces pressure caused by swelling while improving circulation at the same time. Xtenex shoelaces also counter pain caused by shoelace migration, which is a primary factor in foot-related pain. Many people experience discomfort in the form of swelling at the top of their boots, while others experience blisters and related pains caused by heat and friction. Xtenex elastic shoelaces alleviate this pain, allowing you to shift your focus to more pressing matters. Xtenex shoelaces are designed for daily use, and stand strong against the damages that long days in combat can inflict. In addition to offering premium comfort and durability all day, they?re intended to make putting them on and taking them off as easy and seamless as possible. You have enough to worry about when you?re in combat ? your shoelaces and foot pain shouldn?t be added to that list. Shop our collection of high-performance shoelaces today and continue to serve your country in comfort.

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