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USOA socks are the final word in outdoor footwear. Most styles are approved for use by the U.S. Armed Forces for use by personnel in the field. They’re warm, comfortable, and resistant to bacteria that lead to infection and fungal growth. Though USOA socks are used by military personnel in all branches of the armed forces, all active people who spend a considerable amount of time can wear them. Made of a lightweight, breathable cotton blend, USOA socks are thin enough to wear under any kind of footwear but tough enough to prevent blisters, these socks are breathable and prevent moisture accumulation around the feet. One of the unique features of USOA socks is their ability to resist bacteria growth. Those who wear close-toed shoes or boots for long periods of time are likely familiar with the way sweat accumulation can lead to conditions like athletes’ foot and nail fungus. These issues can be uncomfortable to treat, especially for law enforcement, military personnel, or those who work outdoors and don’t have a lot of safe footwear options. By promoting the circulation of air around the feet and naturally regulating temperature, USOA socks help prevent common foot diseases. USOA socks are essential gear for those who are on their feet for long periods. Their anti-microbial properties ensure you can keep your boots on longer with fewer problems.

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