Viking Tactical

Keeping your weapons safe and easy to operate is the goal of Viking Tactics firearm accessories. The revolutionary design of their flagship product, the tactical sling, has made it a highly esteemed product among the Special Forces community. They’ve since branched out to other firearm apparatus, such as lights, light mounts, sling mounts, etc. With a focus on easy to operate and versatile items that are also minimalist in design, Vikings Tactics have garnered extensive attention and respect. When using a firearm sling, it’s crucial to adjust shooting positions easily and efficiently. Their products deliver on this point and several others. Items such as the Low Profile Sling Mount (LPSM) were created to present a low profile, lock, and reign in the weapon rotation. NTOA approved light mounts give shooters a highly functional, lightweight way to fasten a light in a variety of ways. All Viking Tactics firearm accessories were designed with the tactical shooter as the target end-user in mind. They developed slings in order to allow quick and easy adjustment for various shooting positions, and carrying the weapon tightly slung against your back (in case you need to climb or run, etc.). They come with detailed instructions for proper and designated usages. Choose a brand that is a selection of top sharpshooters from around the globe invest in a Viking Tactics top-notch product today!

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  • Viking Tactics Wide (Padded) Hydura Tactical Weapon Sling

  • Viking Tactics Light Mount

  • Viking Tactics Wide (Padded) Hybrid Tactical Weapon Sling

  • Viking Tactics VTAC LPSM Low Profile Sling Mount

  • Viking Tactics Assault Chest Rig

  • Viking Tactics VTAC - Wide Weapon Sling - Padded

    $49.95 - $54.95
  • Viking Tactics Assault Chest Rig with MOLLE

  • Viking Tactics VTAC - Original Sling

  • Viking Tactics Battle Belt

    $129.99 - $139.99
  • Viking Tactical Skirmish Belt with Underbelt

  • VTAC Alpha Rail

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