Wiley X was established in 1987 by U.S. Veteran Myles Freeman Sr. with a focused determination to create the world’s best protective gear for our country. Decades of innovation and design reinfeinment have taught us that you never cut corners. You take care of those you’re supposed to protect. You stand behind your promises. You constantly innovate. And you don’t let up. Ever. That’s the only way to make sure that our products continue to inspire confidence in everyone that wears them. Regardless of the situation. In spite of whatever they encounter.

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  • Wiley X Saber Advanced 3 Lens Sunglasses System

  • Wiley X Vapor Sunglasses 2 Lens System (APEL)

    $100.00 $85.00
    Get 15% off Wiley X Vapor!
  • Wiley X WX Rebel Tactical Sunglasses

  • Wiley X - Valor Sunglasses Two Lens System (APEL)

  • Wiley X Aries Fingerless Tactical Gloves

  • Wiley X Guard Advanced Tactical Sunglasses

    $60.00 - $75.00
  • Wiley X Spear Goggles Two Lens Kit (APEL)

  • Wiley X Slay Tactical Sunglasses

  • Wiley X WX Vapor Replacement Lenses

  • Wiley X Romer III Smoke Grey/Clear/Matte Black Sunglasses

  • Wiley X Saber Advanced Ballistic Glasses One Lens System (APEL)

  • Wiley X Valor Sunglasses Smoke Grey Clear Light Rust 3 Lens CHVAL06

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