Condor Viper Single Bungee Sling

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The Condor Single Bungee One Point Sling is a must-have piece of gear for soldiers, marines, seals or other high intensity operators. If that describes you, then you know how important it is to have a tough-as-nails bungee sling on exercise or while deployed.

This Condor weapon sling measures 1/2" in diameter and includes high strength 1-1/8" webbing and two adapters. This gives you the flexibility of switching out the type of sling you need for whatever mission you find yourself faced with.

Since situations can change on a dime, you need a quick and efficient way to switch weapons without losing a second of valuable time. This high strength bungee helps you do just that.

  • Single bungee (S - B1) for quick, efficient weapon management
  • High-strength bungee measures 1/2" diameter for minimalist operation
  • Comes with two adapters, either HK-style snap hook or strap style
  • Previously sku SB-1, it is now the US1021 Viper Single Bungee One Point sling
  • 1-1/8" webbing
  • Imported

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