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Sometimes, taking care of your feet while meeting uniform requirements takes a bit of extra outside help. Wecial protection against discomfort or danger, undergarments can make a world of a difference when serving in cold wastelands or preparing to face a winter chill. Undergarments range from long-sleeved shirts to fleece pant liners which fit snugly against your skin under other types of outerwear layers. Undergarments designed to be heat gear keep your warmth from being lost to the elements being weathered by your outer gear. You won't even know that you're wearing an additional layer most of the time because of the ergonomic nature of the material and the way it works to your advantage, rather than working against you. Undergarments furthermore typically have moisture-wicking benefits, which help keep sweat from becoming your enemy. Don't neglect your undergarments in preference of your outer garments. While your outerwear might be your first line of defense against outdoor hazards, your undergarments are the last and most important. Whether you are preparing for a morning run on slick, fog-lined streets or you are readying yourself for deployment, make sure you have the right undergarments ready for the right job at hand.

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  • Rothco Elastic Boot Blousing Garter

  • Sayre Original Boot Blouser

  • Garmont Shoe Laces Tactical

  • Raine 1 Inch Boot Blousers

  • US Patriot 550 Paracord Boot Laces

  • FORM Reinforced Maximum Support Premium Moldable Insoles

  • Sea To Summit Grangers® Odour Eliminator

  • Kiwi Suede and Nylon Footwear Care Kit

  • Danner Boots 72" Laces

  • 5ive Star Gear Military Hook-On Blouser

  • FORM Maximum Support Premium Moldable Insoles

  • Odor Crusher Plug-In Room Clean Deodorizer

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