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Medical pouches are an important accessory to have out on the field. They are often designed to work seamlessly with other bags, packs, and duffels, providing lightweight storage for any equipment needing to be protected and carried at all times. Most pouches are made of durable all-weather material and, while they are made intentionally to be used with medical supplies, can perform multiple purposes in the field if necessary. Putting yourself in harm's way in any situation could potentially result in a physical injury. When this is the case, you'll need to have the right medical supplies on hand to be able to treat and mend the problem. Medical pouches provide the perfect place for storing and securing such items, making them easy to find and keeping them safe while not in use. Many pouches come in different color patterns to blend in with any uniform. Keep yourself properly equipped while engaging in more dangerous ventures with appropriate pouches for your needs. From hunting grounds to active warfronts, you'll need to have medical supplies nearby to treat important injuries. Use medical pouches to have your equipment exactly where you need it and to be able to access it without any trouble.

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  • Blue Force Gear Tourniquet NOW! Strap Tourniquet Holder

  • Blue Force Gear Micro Trauma Kit NOW!

  • Condor Rip-Away EMT Lite Pouch

    $20.45 - $25.95
  • Condor Rip Away EMT Pouch

    $24.95 - $32.95
  • The Hammock - Tourniquet holder for Micro Trauma Kit NOW!

  • Blackhawk Latex Glove Pouch

  • Condor Universal Tourniquet Pouch

    $10.95 - $14.95
  • Condor EMT Pouch

    $17.45 - $24.95
  • Condor First Response Pouch

    $21.95 - $27.95
  • Shellback Tactical Medic Pouch

    $19.99 - $27.99
  • North American Rescue Rigid GEN 7 C-A-T® TQ Case

  • Condor EMT Glove Pouch

    $9.55 - $9.95
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