GunSkins AR-15 Rifle Skins

Item# GF1223



Shoot in style or secrecy with GunSkins Rifle Skins for the AR-15 or M4 Carbine. GunSkins brings you the best in rifle wraps that are easy to install and made of high-performance vinyl that's 100% waterproof and non-reflective. This vinyl gun wrap is able to conform to many different shapes and sizes with the ability to easily be trimmed. We offer a wide selection of camo skins for guns, as well as patriotic designs and state flags. Check out our other products from GunSkins including more camo gun wraps for other guns, pistols, and gear.

  • AR-15 or M4 Carbine
  • Camouflage Gun Wraps
  • Patriotic Gun Wraps
  • Kit Includes:
    • Pre-Cut Pieces for the Upper and Lowe Receiver, Mag Well, Pistol Grip and Picatinny Rails
    • Additional 7.5" by 22" Sheet of Material
  • Vinyl
  • Easy to Install, Easy to Remove
  • Trim to Fit
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Non-Reflective
  • Made in the USA

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