HWI Next Generation Knee Pads

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These HWI Next Generation Knee Pads - NGK100 are just that, a next generation, high-performance knee pad to keep you operationally focused even if things get ugly. HWI has engineered these state-of-the-art knee pads to protect your knees from impact or injury so you can stay mission-focused even if you take a hit.

These foam and nylon tactical knee pads give your knees the support they need as they have been engineered especially to decrease weight and drag. So even if you find yourself crashing to the ground, impacting against a mountainside or falling unexpectedly, these knee pads will help absorb the impact and keep you moving.

For quick on and off once you are done for the day, these high-performance knee pads have quick release straps to give you the freedom and flexibility you deserve.

  • High-performance knee pads designed to decrease weight and drag while helping you stay mission-focused and protected
  • Advanced knee and elbow pad system is designed especially for absorbing force from impact to keep you protected
  • The NGK100 and NGE100 are ideal for use in any tactical situation
  • STPA cap for well-made, robust protection
  • Pad made from high-density foam and durable nylon material for state-of-the-art protection
  • Quick release straps for easy removal after a long day on duty

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