Implus Little Hotties Hand Warmers

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Brace yourself for the cold with Little Hotties Hand Warmers, your essential companion for all-day comfort during chilly weather. These hand warmers provide up to 10 hours of continuous warmth, making them perfect for anyone who enjoys outdoor activities, from hiking and camping to attending winter sports events. The air-activated convenience means that as soon as you tear open the wrapper, the warming begins, delivering instant warmth without any fuss or mess. They're odorless, ensuring your comfort and enjoyment aren't marred by unpleasant smells. Safety and wellness are paramount, as these hand warmers are made with natural ingredients, posing no risk to your skin or clothes.

  • Material: 6.73% Activated Carbon, 53.78% Iron, 8.07% Vermiculite, 2.23% PE Fabric, 2.89% Sodium Chloride, and 22.72% Water
  • Includes with warmer pouches
  • Up to 10 hours of warmth
  • Air-Activated

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