Mil-Spec Monkey Fun Sponge Morale Patch

Item# UA1595



This Mil-Spec Monkey Fun Sponge Morale Patch is a fun-sucking fun sponge for Debbie Downers who manage to suck the fun out of every situation. Conversely, this patch can also be worn by fun-loving people who love to have to fun and drink in every minute of it. No matter which way the cookie crumbles, this patch is good for a few laughs all around.

This fun sponge embroidered patch can also be used by hooligans or tricksters who want to declare their fun-sucking abilities at parties, mug outs, beer calls or other activities.

Go ahead and have some fun with this fun sponge morale patch!

  • This patch has multiple interpretations in terms of what exactly is a fun sponge?
  • The original idea was to put them on people who excel in sucking the fun out of just about any situation. Know anyone like that?
  • Alternatively, these can be self-applied to announce that you are a monster trying to absorb fun in all of its forms. Amazing how a phrase can mean different things to different people!
  • Dimensions 2.66" x 2.75"
  • Black hook panel is sewn on the back to make it easier to apply and remove for temporary wear

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