Nine Line Tactical Santa Tee Shirt

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The Holiday Season is back again, and Nine Line Apparel team has finally captured the essence of Santa Claus in this limited run design. As everyone knows, it is Santa's job to get presents to children all over the world whether they are in a New York high rise building, or in areas of constant conflict. Anyone in the military will attest that he would not be able to get this done without the proper tactical gear and knowledge, much less in a bright red felt suit. The Nine Line Tactical Santa Shirt portrays Santa in a much more realistic garb, with the right gear to get his job done.

If you're tired of the same old red and green holiday shirts, showing a jolly bright Santa that could be spotted from a klick away, the Nine Line Tactical Santa Shirt offers a different perspective on Saint Nick's time-honored tradition. Give props to one of the most celebrated tactical masterminds in history with this shirt, and pick yours up while the supplies last!

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