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You encounter all sorts of weather in both civilian and military life; always be prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws at you with our wide selection of tactical outerwear products. From jackets, coats, and parkas to ponchos, overalls, vests, and liners of all sorts, we've got you covered from brisk spring days to frigid winter nights. Our selection of outerwear products offers varying degrees of warmth, wind resistance, waterproofing, and fire resistance; so you can find just the right amount to fit your needs. Select the one perfect piece or get multiple weights and layers for maximum versatility. Our products are high quality, built to last, and offer great features to make you more comfortable, add storage, or increase safety. We carry many military-approved products that can be worn with your uniform when on duty. Not having the right outerwear can make you miserable, decrease effectiveness, and increase the chances of illness or injury. Stock up on the gear you need today.

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