Purchasing Restricted Items

The purchase of items that are restricted to law enforcement or bear a title that is restricted (i.e. POLICE, SHERIFF, AGENT, FBI, etc.) require identification. To purchase these items, you must do one of the following: 1) Submit a copy of your department-issued identification card or 2) Provide a letter of authorization on letterhead from your department that confirms your employment that is signed by a supervising officer or 3) Have the item shipped directly to your department or agency. This information may be emailed to [email protected]. Please include the order number that you receive at the conclusion of your order with your transmission.

Orders received without proper identification on file will be delayed. We will attempt to contact you (generally by email) for this required information. If you have any questions about the ordering of title-restricted items from US Patriot Tactical, you are encouraged to call toll-free 844.877.4327.


Missouri: Orders billing or shipping to Missouri require the recipient to be 18 years or older. A copy of your driver's license or state-issued identification card can be provided.

Body Armor / Ballistic

Effective August 1, 2016, US Patriot Tactical restricts the sale of body armor and related products (including, but not limited to, concealment body armor, tactical body armor, ballistic plates, ballistic shields, and ballistic helmets) to public safety professionals, members of the United States military, corporate and/or, private security officers, and teaching professionals. Orders for such products must be shipped to an approved agency or corporate address. If shipping to an address other than the approved agency, appropriate documentation must be provided. US Patriot Tactical reserves the right to refuse or deny the sale of body armor and related products to any individual who is unable to provide appropriate documentation.


California: Orders containing items referencing the California Dept of Corrections & Rehabilitation require a current copy of the front of the recipient's ID Card.

CT Armor

Connecticut: Any order billing or shipping to Connecticut containing item(s) providing ballistic protection must be shipped to a law enforcement department address.

Customized Item

Item has been customized with a title or wording that is considered restricted. You can ship the item to your department address, or you can submit a copy of your departmental-issued identification.

Fire Item

California: Orders billing or shipping to California can be shipped to fire department address. Otherwise, California requires a copy of your departmental-issued ID card.

Knife Form

Order can be shipped to a law, fire, emergency medical department address or a military base. Otherwise, a copy of a department-issued identification card is required. ALL orders require a Knife Form to be completed and submitted.

Law Agency

Order must ship to a law enforcement agency address.


Order can be shipped to a law enforcement agency address. Otherwise, a copy of a department-issued identification card is required.

Military ID

An active Federal Government email address is required to verify employment for restricted items. Use this email address to place the order.

Oleoresin Capsicum (OC Spray) 2.5

OC Sprays can only ship via Ground and to physical addresses.

Physician's Authorization

A physician's authorization form must be completed for every new order.

Private Investigator

State-issued ID card verifying employment or a business license.

Stun Gun

The following states restrict or have cities that restrict the possession or sale of stun guns. We are unable to ship to the following:

District of Columbia  Massachusetts  Wisconsin  Hawaii  Michigan  Rhode Island

Illinois  New Jersey  Iowa  New York  Maryland  Pennsylvania