Poncho Liner Woobie

Item# RW1188 CAMOMfg# ZZ-PO-013


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The Woobie. ItUs here! The Woobie Poncho Liner has been a staple of deployment life since its use in Vietnam P and hereUs your chance to own just like it in the US Patriot Camo Poncho Liner! This wet weather poncho liner is called the Woobie for a very good reason P itUs synonymous with comfort and warmth. After a day in Mother NatureUs worst, thereUs nothing better to crawl inside of; it stops the wind and keeps in your own body heat.

Made of 100% nylon outer shell with 100% polyester batting, the wet weather poncho liner is available without a zipper. This thing is a wonder at trapping in the heat and keeping out the cold. This is one of the single-most loved items in the armed forces; even long-time retired vets wonUt part with them. The US Patriot Camo Poncho Liner is approx. 63S by 80S and is available now for order.

  • Made of 100% Nylon Outer Shell with 100% Polyester batting
  • Size approx. 63" by 80"

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