Readyman Hostage Escape Card

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Being kidnapped isn’t on anyone’s plans, and despite its relative rarity, it’s a very real possibility both at home and abroad. Don’t be at the mercy of your captors and caught off-guard: the Readyman Hostage Escape Card is your best option for a set of concealable escape tools to get you out of nearly any hostage situation. The card contains five tools designed for escaping illegal restraints: a small hand saw, a handcuff shim, a tension wrench, a rake, and a lockpick.

If you’re worried about knowing how to use the tools during an emergency, purchase a second one to practice with while the first one stays hidden in your wallet or emergency pack and watch Readyman’s lockpicking guide here With a little bit of practice, you can easily pick your way out of simple locks, saw through restraints, and get out when you need to: because there may only be one chance at escape.

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  • Constructed with 301 Stainless Steel, making sure you can rely on these tools when you need them
  • Concealable Credit Card Size – 2” x 3.5” (Tools can be detached for increased concealment)
  • Contains Five Tools:
  • Hand saw for cutting through restraints and thin barriers
  • Handcuff shim to slip out of handcuffs
  • Lockpicking set of Tension Wrench, Lockpick, and Rake
  • Practice before you need to use in an emergency!

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