Rothco Nomex Flight Gloves

Item# GL799

$29.99 to $32.99MSRP:$40.99


The Rothco Nomex Flight Gloves are a reliable and comfortable source of protection for your hands whether you are piloting a helicopter or a Humvee. Uniform heat and fire protection is assured due to the use of both heat- and fire-retardant Nomex fabric and thread in the construction of these gloves.

Designed to meet strict military standards, the Rothco Nomex flight glove has become a favorite for its high level of protection and flexibility of movement that allows for the optimum finger dexterity needed to perform necessary tasks.

  • Sheepskin Leather covers the fingers and palm to provide extra protection
  • Nomex Fabric is both heat resistant and fire retardant
  • Constructed with thread that is also heat resistant and fire retardant to ensure reliability
  • Longer length design extends under jacket cuffs in order to protect the wrists
  • Elastic stitch sewn at wrist to streamline the fit of the glove and keep them in place
  • Manufactured to meet Military Specification DTL-81188C
  • Raw materials are products of the USA

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