Ruff Land Kennels X-Large Kennel, Double Door, Front and Left

Item# LE1159Mfg# XLDDLSE2022



Proudly made in the USA, this kennel is tailored for larger dog breeds, providing ample space and comfort. Its innovative design with straighter sides ensures it can navigate through narrow doorways, making it ideal for RVs and compact spaces. The kennel's doors, equipped with a fine grid pattern, deter pets from biting and chewing, while its heavy-duty PE plastic construction guarantees safety and longevity. Functionality is further enhanced with doors that can open in both directions, metal inserts for attaching multiple kennels or securing them during travel, and a stackable feature for efficient storage. The one-piece design contributes to its durability and simplifies cleaning, offering a hassle-free solution for pet owners seeking reliability and convenience.

  • Tailored for larger breeds with spacious interior
  • Double doors on the front and left side for enhanced accessibility
  • Heavy-duty PE plastic build for lasting durability and safety
  • Suitable for narrow entryways, perfect for campers and tight spaces
  • Composite doors with tight grid to prevent destructive behaviors
  • Metal inserts allow for easy stacking or securing during travel
  • One-piece, easy-to-clean design for low maintenance
  • Manufactured in the USA, reflecting high-quality craftsmanship

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