TekMat M1 GARAND Gun Cleaning Mat 36"

Item# SA1529



Keep your M1 Garand in pristine condition using the TekMat M1 GARAND Gun Cleaning Mat 36". With ample space to accommodate a fully disassembled rifle, along with tools and accessories, this superior mat makes cleaning more manageable. Its 1/8" padding protects against rough handling and accidental falls. With a water and oil-resistant surface to protect your firearm and workspace from unwanted substances, this mat features detailed diagrams and illustrations.

  • Designed for M1 Garand Cleaning
  • Measures 12 x 36"
  • Soft, Thermoplastic Fiber Surface Minimizes the Risk of Scratches
  • 1/8" Vulcanized Rubber Backing for Slip-Resistance and Protection
  • Resistant to Water, Oil, and Chemicals
  • Durable Dye-Sublimation Printing: Water-Resistant, Scratch-Proof, Fade, and Oil-Resistant
  • Contains an Overview of The History of The M1 Garand and A Detailed Parts Diagram
  • Conveniently Rolls up for Effortless Storage

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