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Shortly after WWI began; America military uniform, and virtually all first responders. We offer a wide variety of flag patches that will get your uniform up to code. In addition to infrared flag patches, we cater to the Army and Air Force specifically with the Scorpion OCP pattern. In addition to the necessary pattern, the U.S. Army requires the flag patches be stitched in black thread to correspond with the ranks and identification tapes on your uniform. The Air Force asks the same consistency out of their members with the OCP pattern, but utilize Spice Brown thread as their authorized embellishment color of choice. Guard members can also find the full-color version of our flag patches available for their uniform requirements as well.

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  • US Patriot NameTape and Branch Tape Bundle

    $9.99 - $11.99
  • U.S. Air Force Uniform Patrol Cap Rank

  • Under Armour Loadout Boots

  • U.S. Air Force Uniform Rank

    $3.48 - $11.99
  • Propper® Gen 2 OCP ACU Military Uniform Patrol Cap

  • Nike SFB Gen 2 Boots

  • U.S. Air Force Uniform Senior Badge

    $2.29 - $4.09
  • Propper® Gen 2 OCP ACU Uniform Pants

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