Uniform Accoutrements

It’s not just a blouse and pants that complete your uniform, it’s the details like nametapes, rank, badges, flags, and dogtags! Brands like Action Embroidery and STA-BRITE use sturdy construction and materials to make a product that won’t rip away while performing on deployment or in the field, these were built to last. Flags and hook and loop backed pieces are also made with built to last backing that won’t fly off while doing your day to day. We have everything you need to iron out the details and get your battle-ready in fully customized uniform pieces.

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  • US Patriot NameTape and Branch Tape Bundle

    $9.99 - $11.99
  • US Army Uniform Rank

    $2.99 - $6.97
  • US Army Qualification and Combat Badges

    $2.95 - $6.99
  • US Army Uniform Patrol Cap Rank

    $3.82 - $6.82
  • Full Color Reverse US Flag Patch with Hook

  • US Patriot Complete Dog Tag Military Identification Set

  • Reverse Flag Patch with Hook Back for OCP Uniform

  • US Army Uniform Patch

    $3.39 - $7.29
  • IR Tools Subdued Infrared Reversed US Flag Patch

  • Forward Flag Patch with Hook (Scorpion OCP)

  • US Patriot Embroidered Military Uniform Branch Tape

    $4.99 - $7.99
  • U.S. Army Gortex Parka Loop Rank

    $4.59 - $6.09
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