Walker's Razor Slim Passive Ear Muffs

Item# HP1040



Walker's Razor Slim Passive Ear Muffs offer ultra-effective yet stylish audial protection with super low-profile ear cups. The cups come with a rubberized coating that ensures durability and comfort for extended wear. Their compact folding design allows for neat storage and easy transportation, while the comfort headband sports a metal wire frame that provides secure fit and wearability. With a sound-dampening composite housing, these compact ear cups provide a phenomenal NRR of 27db.

  • Ultra-low profile ear cups for easy on-head fit
  • Durable, rubberized coating for long-lasting use
  • Compact design that folds conveniently for easy portability
  • Comfort headband with a sturdy metal wire frame for a snug fit
  • Sound dampening composite housing that reduces noise effectively
  • High NRR of 27db offering substantial sound protection

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