Wiley X SG-1M Grey Clear Lens Asian Fit Goggles SG-1M, , hi-res



Wiley X SG-1M Grey Clear Lens Asian Fit Goggles SG-1M

Item #: SG-1M-WX

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The Wiley X SG-1M Grey, Clear Lens Asian Fit Goggles are the ones you want to be wearing while you are serving on active duty. Constructed with heavy duty shatterproof ballistic polycarbonate lenses, these goggles will shield your eyes from shrapnel at all times. Equipped with convertible temples that can be removed with the push of a button, these goggles can be converted into protective glasses at any point. The goggles are also fitted with heavy duty foam surrounding the eyes that protect against dust and debris. The goggles come with two interchangeable lenses for use under light or dark conditions. The goggles are also NVG compatible, so you can wear them at night in tactical situations. These glasses are on the APEL list, so they are approved for use in the US military and ANSI and MIL-spec compliant. Included with your goggle purchase is a hard shell protective case with a soft cleaning chamois and glasses leash inside. Get the glasses that will thrive in any situation you put them through; get the Wiley X SG-1M Grey, Clear Lens Asian Fit Goggles today!

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  • 2.1mm shatterproof ballistic polycarbonate lenses prevent damage to your eyes
  • Convertible temples can be clipped on for use as glasses
  • Elastic goggle strap adjusts to ensure a comfortable fit
  • Foam lens rim keeps dust and debris out of the goggles
  • Interchangeable lenses have an anti-fog coating for clear vision
  • NVG compatible design for use in tactical situations with night vision
  • Compliant with ANSI Z87.1 and MIL-PRF-31013 standards for ballistic eyewear
  • APEL list approved for active duty US military use
  • Hard shell carry case protects the glasses when not in use
  • Soft cleaning chamois keeps the lenses clean and clear
  • Sturdy leash cord prevents damage or loss throughout use

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