5ive Star Gear Titanium Stick Pen

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When most people think about survival gear, a pen is not exactly the first thing that comes to mind. However, the 5ive Star Gear Titanium Stick Pen is not your average writing utensil, making it an ideal item to consider for your bug-out kit or tactical bag. If you are in search of high-quality tools and equipment that could potentially save your life or help you to avoid a dangerous situation, this pen offers a level of performance unmatched by similar products on the market.

While it is possible to write with chunks of charcoal or mud if it becomes necessary, the most obvious purpose for the Titanium Stick Pen is communication. This allows you to record valuable information or even draw out detailed maps and diagrams as you travel. In addition, it is constructed from military-grade titanium to withstand extensive use and conditions.

  • Common, inconspicuous appearance
  • Standard black ink
  • Affordable replacement cartridges
  • Made from durable, non-corrosive materials
  • Available in matte or anodized finish
  • Cap contains hidden handcuff key
  • Easily concealed in clothing or footwear

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