Darn Tough

When your job requires constant physical movement, strain, and strength, it is imperative to have the right shoes to provide protection, comfort, and confidence. However, have you ever considered what you are wearing underneath your shoe as another important factor? The socks you choose to wear can have significant effect on how your shoe fits, your comfort level, and how often replacement is required. This is where Darn Tough socks come into play. Each has been crafted using only the highest quality materials that are resistant to even the toughest wear and tear. One thing to consider when buying socks is how much cushion the material provides. Our selection of Darn Tough Socks gives wearers a perfect amount of cushion to protect the soles and heels of the feet without compromising the fit of the shoe.

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  • Darn Tough Merino Wool Cushion with Mesh Boot Sock

  • Darn Tough Mid Calf Lightweight with Cushion Sock

  • Darn Tough Midweight with Full Cushion Tactical Socks

  • Darn Tough No-Show Midweight with Cushion Sock

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