In 2010, FirstSpear emerged from a bloodline of industry innovation, founded by a team of experienced industry professionals and former U.S. servicemen that knew what goes into making quality equipment for those that compose the tip of the spear. They outfit some of the most elite military organizations in the world, consisting the U.S. military and those from allied nations who share in the mission of fighting for something greater than themselves. Now, US Patriot Tactical is proud to add their arsenal of fighting systems to its inventory for those customers looking to add some of the very best to their loadout. All FirstSpear equipment is designed to function interactively as a fighting system. Their clothing, plate carriers, and other equipment work not only as a reliable piece of equipment but as part of a whole that works toward reducing weight, transferring weight effectively, and operationally scaling to be effective at every echelon of organization. FirstSpear body armor such as the elite FirstSpear Strandhögg SAPI Cut Plate Carrier or the popular FirstSpear Siege-R Optimized Plate Carrier take advantage of industry standards while adding new innovations at the behest of the warfighter: additional storage options, cummerbund support, and the Tubes system for rapid, reliable donning and doffing. Trust in FirstSpear and find out what happens when your equipment is designed through constant and consistent dialogue with users and organizations that trust their lives to their equipment.

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  • First Spear Strandhögg™ SAPI Cut Plate Carrier

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