Those who work in the most physically demanding fields need the tools and apparel to get the job done safely and effectively. When Ironclad founder Ed Jaeger realized just how many industries were underserved with regard to hand protection, he went to work. The result: some of the world's most durable and capable gloves, built to meet the needs of professionals across a wide range of professions. Whether you're a member of the military or another high-demand occupation, Ironclad's got the right accessories for you. Jaeger's stated goal was simple: create the kind of work gloves which could deliver both the performance and protective ability workers needed without sacrificing one for the other. Over 70 trademarks and patents later, Ironclad stands as one of the foremost producers of high-performance specialized apparel anywhere in the world. With men's and women's styles suited for everyone from outdoor enthusiasts to stealth operators, it's a sure bet you'll find the right gloves to meet your challenge. Ironclad gloves are built to stand up to the rigorous demands of your pursuits while still affording you the comfort and convenience you need to stay locked-in and focused. Enjoy superior tactile response, grip enhancement, impact protection and a truly ideal fit when you gear up with these capable accessories. Order yours today for the edge you need to succeed every day.

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  • IRONCLAD Stealth Pro Glove

  • Ironclad Stealth Impact Glove

  • Ironclad Stealth Grip Glove

  • IRONCLAD EXO Tactical Stealth Vented

  • Ironclad Women's Stealth Pro Glove

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