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With a heritage rooted in authentic military apparel and gear, Rothco has been dedicated to serving service members and law enforcement since 1953. Rothco tactical gear provides consistently exceptional performances that can stand up to the rigors of combat and training. The company offers a wide range of gear including military belts, riggers belts, plate carrier vets, softshell jackets, and more. No matter what you need while on duty, Rothco is your one-stop-shop for gear and accessories. Check out what Rothco offers today!

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  • Rothco Elastic Boot Blousing Garter

  • Rothco Inspection Ready Security Forces Beret with Flash

  • Rothco MOLLE Plate Carrier Vest

    $67.99 - $137.99
  • Rothco GI Whistle with Lanyard

  • Rothco Lightweight Shemagh Tactical Desert Scarves

  • Rothco Quick Dry Moisture Wicking T-Shirt

    $12.99 - $14.99
  • Rothco Thin Blue Line Flag Bandana

  • Rothco Balaclava Tactical SWAT Hood

  • Rothco 300ft Nylon 550lb Paracord

  • Carabineer with Web Strap Key Ring Jumbo 80MM

  • Rothco G.I. Style Brass Finish Police Whistle

  • Rothco Private 2nd Class Brass Insignia

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