Casio Solar Shock & Water Resistant G-Shock Watch

Item# JW067 BLKMfg# GW7900B-1


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The Casio Solar Shock- and Water-Resistant G-Shock Watch GW7900B-1 is a timepiece like no other. For one thing, it is solar-powered, rechargeable and holds its charge for nine months without exposure to light. Imagine the performance you will get from this watch knowing how effortless it is to wear without the extra worry and expense of replacing batteries.

In terms of state-of-the-art technology, this water-resistant watch also features multi-band atomic timekeeping. This means it is capable of receiving time calibration radio signals that keep the time accurate. This would be essential for military operators who must make their rendezvous at precise times, or for other survivalists who rely on their timepieces to reach their next destinations.

Perhaps most incredible of all, this solar-powered watch also allows users to calculate moon and tide dates and times, all the while being backlit by a full EL backlight. This watch also contains traditional Casio high-performance features you are used to such as water resistance to 200 meters, shock resistance, international time zones, alarms and a countdown timer.

  • Solar-powered
  • Solar-rechargeable battery with a nine-month charge without exposure to light
  • Extremely accurate multi-band atomic timekeeping, meaning the watch receives time calibration radio signals to keep the time running accurately
  • Resists impact and shock for long-lasting durability and rough and tough wear
  • 200 meters water resistance for diving, boating or unexpected encounters with water
  • Full auto EL backlight with Afterglow technology. This allows you to hold your position stealthily while still staying on time
  • Feeds back data on the moon for specific dates and times
  • Tide graph provides tide levels for specific dates and times as well
  • International time zones
  • Four daily alarms and one snooze alarm help you stay on time with that little bit of extra rest
  • Battery power indicator for when it is time to expose the watch to light
  • Power-saving function to preserve all-important energy
  • Button operation tone for on and off
  • Calendar is already pre-programmed through 2099
  • Customize your timekeeping from 12 or 24 hour time
  • Accuracy is within +/- 15 seconds per month

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