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When Apples to Apples is too tame, and Cards Against Humanity fails to capture the absurdity of Navy life, Disgruntled Decks Navy Edition cards enter to square away (or render FUBAR) your weekend game nights. Continuing their series of military themed-party card games, Disgruntled Decks Navy Edition brings 400 hilarious cards tailored to your refined, and somewhat deranged, military humor thanks to serving alongside the nation’s finest.

You know the rules: each player takes a turn acting as the “Card Commander” to determine which of your friends or family members has the funniest, horrible, or combined sense of humor to finish the sentence. These cards feature question and response cards that only Seamen will understand. When you’ve finally exhausted the 400-card Navy deck, you can treat these cards as an unofficial expansion to the ever-popular Cards Against Humanity, adding even more nonsense to be had with your degenerate friends. Makes a great gift for deployed Seamen and makes a better gift for yourself!

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  • The only card game designed for service members and grizzled veterans who enjoy laughing about the absurdity of their time in service
  • 400 Standalone Card Game for 4-14+ players that’s perfect for game nights, dorm parties, and passing the time in the field or on deployment!
  • Combine with Cards Against Humanity for even more nonsense with your degenerate friends!
  • Created by Combat Veterans and brought to life with the help of the Veteran Community
  • ”Disgruntled Decks” is a trademark of Disgruntled Decks LLC and is not affiliated with “Cards Against Humanity” or “Apples to Apples,” nor any government agency/military branch.

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