ESS Crossbow 2X Sunglasses Kit

Item# EW7018



Time to get serious about ballistic eye protection. You know that dependable, reliable gear can make or break your mission, and that top performance eyewear is crucial. Lose your target from optical failure and your mission is over. You need ballistic eye shield protection like the ESS Crossbow 2X Sunglasses Kit, the only approved eye protection for the U.S. Marines, and also included on the U.S. Army's Authorized Protective Eyewear List (APEL).

ESS has redefined performance with the Crossbow 2x Sunglasses, giving you a lightweight low profile that is still roomy enough to accommodate many different sized profiles. But don't confused lightweight with weakness; these bad boys are battle-rated MIL-SPEC, exceed ANSI Z87.1+ (2010) for chemical splash and high mass and high velocity impact resistance, meet the stringent CE EN166 compliance and exceed the U.S. MIL-PRF-32432 standards. And, your target will be clearer than ever with the patented distortion-free ESSOPTICS. ESS Crossbows also feature the innovative FlowCoat technology, engineered to eliminate fogging inside, and scratched on the outside of your lenses. Stay out as long as your mission requires while wearing these ESS Crossbow 2X Sunglasses Kit in comfort thanks to the proprietary Tri-Tech-Fit frame, a universal fit that won't trigger your pressure points. Need to switch tints for rapidly changing conditions? The ESS DedBolt LensLock pivots up for ease of changing in the field, then clamps back down for a hold that won't budge. And if you need them in prescription, the ESS Crossbow 2x Sunglasses comes with available inserts. These just might be the only battle-ready glasses you'll ever need.

  • U.S. Army APEL standard
  • The only approved eye protection for the U.S. Marines
  • Battle-rated MIL-SPEC, exceeds ANSI Z87.1+ (2010), exceeds CE EN166, and is MIL-PRF-32432 compliant
  • Innovative ClearZone FlowCoat eliminates fogging and scratches
  • ESS DedBolt LensLock allows for rapid tint change in tough field conditions
  • Proprietary Tri-Tech-Fit for maximum comfort without triggering pressure points
  • Prescription inserts available

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