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Injuries can happen when you?re out in the field, even when you?re not actually under fire. You want to be prepared for anything that comes your way by having a First Aid bag on hand. These bags come in varying sizes, depending on how much you need to carry with you. If you need something more for your own use, or for shorter periods of time, then a smaller 1st aid pouch may be sufficient. If you?re heading out for several days, or need something that will work for your whole team, then one of the larger options may be a better choice. Or, you may want both so that you can always have a few things with you in your own pack. If you get separated from your team, this could be key. Some of the bags come already stocked with first aid equipment while others are empty, allowing you to choose the most important items for you to take along. Whatever your needs, we?ve got the perfect size bag for holding all your necessary emergency medical supplies. You?ve got enough to contend with out there. It?s smart to be prepared to handle whatever first aid emergencies come your way.

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  • Epic Wipes XL Wet Towel

  • Duke Cannon Trench Warfare Grunt Foot & Boot Powder Spray

  • North American Rescue Combat Application Tourniquet

  • Mercury Tactical Hanging Military Toiletry Shave Kit

    $21.99 - $25.99
  • Adventure Medical Kits Blister Medic With GlacierGel

  • North American Rescue Eagle IFAK

  • North American Rescue Chitogauze XR PRO

  • Adventure Medical Kits Moleskin

  • Blue Force Trauma Kit Now Refill

  • NAR Eagle IFAK w/Combat Gauze

    $204.99 - $210.99
  • GoGirl FUD Extension Combo Kit

  • Duke Cannon 2-In-1 Hair Wash Tea Tree Formula Shampoo

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