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A flashlight might not seem like much at first, considering they are a household item that get used in blackouts, at night, or to look into dark places. But as an everyday carry tool, tactical flashlights have more uses than you expect, and when you don?t have one with you when you need it, you are left in the dark.

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  • Nightstick Mini-TAC Pro Flashlight

  • Surefire G2X LE Dual Output Flashlight

  • Princeton Tec Point Switch Helmet Light

  • 5ive Star Gear Mini Anglehead Flashlight

  • Nite Ize Radiant® Microlight

  • Nebo CSI Edge 50 Flashlight

  • Nebo Wind Up Lantern & Flashlight Combo

  • 5.11 Flexio Penlight

  • 5ive Star Gear GI Spec Anglehead Flashlight F9412-2D

  • Rothco Army Angle Head Flashlight GSA Compliant

    $11.99 - $18.99
  • Surefire 6PX Single Output LED Flashlight

  • Princeton Tec Helix Backcountry Lantern

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